Monday, November 5, 2012

Harvest Monday

We were extremely lucky and experienced no power outage or damage during Sandy.

After the storm, though, the temperatures have been very low - almost freezing. Tonight, it is supposed to go down to 27F!! I covered up my brassicas with plastic, carrots and celery with straw. Will see how they hold up.

Since the storm, we haven't seen the sun... It's been cold, gloomy, windy, and sometimes rainy. That means, there has been no growth or heat in the hoop house. Plus, things are constantly getting attacked by crickets or caterpillars in there. I think I may have to wait till the Spring to start seeing most of these grow big enough to harvest.

I need to plan better for the fall/winter garden next year. I thought I was timing things right when I direct sowed the seeds where the hoop house was going to be put up. But most of them did not germinate or the little seedlings got eaten. My garden is infested with crickets and I know that they are mostly responsible for chewing up everything.... Next year, I need to plan ahead and start seeds inside and transplant them.

A few of my broccoli and cauliflower just started forming, but with this chilling temps, I am not sure if they will have a chance to get much bigger. They'll at least be one yummy bite!

We also have a problem with Moles - they are tunneling through the hoop house and damaging the roots of some veggies. Always, living and learning....

My celery all of a sudden looks healthy with this cold weather. (which is kind of strange, because they are called Ventura - I thought they would like hot CA weather?) I know it's going down to below freezing tonight, but I'm not going to pull them out because they look really happy right now. I started the seeds last winter and transplanted the seedlings all the way back in March! Some got sick, but most of them just did not grow to the size that I was expecting. Now after 7 months later.... some stalks are getting a bit fatter than pencils. They are great in soups though. That is what I am making tonight - kitchen sink soup - with a few celery stalks that I snapped off, a couple of carrots, parsley, stewed tomatoes that I canned, maybe beans, and whatever I can find in the house.

I planted garlic a few weeks ago. I'm amazed by how fast they grow!

I'm linking up to the host of Harvest Monday, where gardeners all over the world share their harvests.


  1. I'm glad you came through the storm OK! We lost power for a few days, otherwise, no harm. I find a fall garden sure takes a lot of planning. I am still learning, but each year improves a bit. Very nice celery this late in the year!

  2. Thanks, Nutmeg! Everything is a learning experience this year for me, but I do hope it will improve each year. I don't think I figured out anything about the celery though... it's finally looking good, then the frost came....